Healthy Eating

I have been on a ‘Pescan’ eating regimen since June 2017. I decided to stop eating meat as it started to effect my body negatively. My regimen is mostly Vegan, however I honestly can’t knock the cheese and have a love hate relationship with vegan cheese. It’s been to chewy for my liking. I still eat seafood in moderation. I try not to consume anything other than wild caught, freshwater, seafood. I also stay away from large fish that could have ingested Mercury from the water they lived in. Many have asked what do I eat. Everything! I’m a foodie. I love Food and good food at that. I decided to start posting some of my recipes and good eats. I will also promote others that I follow that are great sources for healthy living and eating.

I believe you should not only eat healthy, you must live healthy, this starts with positive environments and also exercise of your body and mind daily. Hope you gain tips and join this healthy way of living with me!