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A successful accountant, financial consultant, and business owner.

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Meet B. Marie, I am a single mother of two boys. I have devoted my life to not only providing for my boys and making sure they are great men but also to make sure my light shines where ever I go. This has paid off in more ways than imaginable. I am a financial consultant and entrepreneur. I love to help my clients start new businesses and show them the keys to growth and success. Life has not been easy, as I’m sure yours hasn’t been either.  I started this blog to talk about the process and juggling. I have had many ask how do you juggle things smoothly, this question can not be answered simply. You can do it too! It has taken focus, courage, and strength to maintain constant work towards betterment. I believe if I have time to turn the TV on, I have time to work on something progressive. When I find my self-scrolling on Social Media, I have time to be progressive. I’ve trained myself to police myself in all of my activities. I hope this blog comes as an encouraging tool in your life to become everything you have ever dreamed of. If you have dreamed about it, it is in your mind visually and you can achieve it! Hope you enjoy my blog!


I have an accounting firm, Blaine La/Car Associates, I have been active with this company for over 16 yrs. This company was established in 1982.  I am a dedicated financial consultant who is well versed in many areas. I love startups and getting them off the ground. I have successfully helped start and set-up many businesses.  I specialize in tax filing and all other financial services. I have assisted numerous businesses in setting up there internal financial controls and operations. I’ve also had successes in the child care, tutoring and mentoring industries.

We are always ready for a new challenge and ready to take on new projects. I am extremely passionate about my work and always maintain and reach high levels of expectation. Check out my services page for ways we can assist you!