Everything Happens for a Reason

                    I’m a true believer of everything happens for a reason. So there is a reason why I opened myself up to dating this year, to only waste my time. There is a reason why I’m stuck in the house this weekend. There is a reason every time we get overlooked for a job, there is a reason every time we don’t pass a test, there is a reason for every heart break and fall. There is a reason for every loss.

                     Every time we lose something or are faced with an attention getting challenge, we are forced to reevaluate. This month we are redefining in July. What is it that you are redefining? I thought I was redefining my focus, however after sitting over the last few days with nowhere or no way to go anywhere. My redefining of my focus is way larger than I originally understood. I had to place some things into action. I had to fully forgive some people. I had to see the bigger picture in current situations. I had to see that where one door closed, many others opened. I needed to initiate things that I had been placing to the way side because of fear of failure. Never mind being busy chasing a check. Everything is not about money and I am fully aware of it. I even exercise this in my life and teach my children there are many things that money can’t buy, but are way more important. However, money makes the world go round. Very often, we are pulled to what has to be done to have money to provide for our families and loved ones.

                       I have felt like I have been being directed for months to rest. However, I really don’t know what that means. My rest usually consist of doing things for others instead of myself. I still run around, do favors for people, and I never deny business. My rest is networking, finding more clients, while having a drink. I know that’s not rest. Even when I’m on vacation I’m having business meetings and still checking emails, etc. I just got into an argument this morning about an upcoming vacation and how I have made so many business plans for the trip.

                      My 3 days of rest were not desired and I definitely didn’t want to be stuck in my house. This time during my rest, I did something for me. I completed things that I have wanted to do or start.  I reevaluated relationships, personal and business. I analyzed my growth plans for each business. I made a lot of progress at home. I rested! I actually rested! I pampered myself, thanks to the friend that reiterated this to me a few times. I deep cleaned my house, the boys are going to flip, their room is Air BnB ready, lol.  I put new ideas into action. I meditated, I sat and just planned and analyzed. I worked out twice a day. I even realized my event on Friday happened 3 years ago on the same exact day. I just wasn’t grounded this long. Although, this realization made me realize there is triumph on the other side. Also, to take a rest and just let things be the way they are.

When do you truly rest? How do you truly refocus? Are you refocusing properly? Are you refocusing on the thing that is going to propel you in the right direction?  I am now.

Hope this helps someone today!

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