Time for New Year

This time of year call for many things resolutions, new goals, new strategies, new budgets, etc. This time of year also calls for time to spend around the most important people in your life.

I like to take this time of year to reevaluate the year, relationships, partnerships etc. This is the time to define what this relationship may or may not be based on the evidence of the past year. Has that person been there for you? Especially when there was no cost involved other than time? Did this person have your back physically, emotionally? Is this partner 50/ 50 or 20/80? and are you ok with that? Reevaluation and redefinition starts with the morals that you put in place. Your ground floor standards. The way you treat people and the way you want them to treat you. It’s great to be a giver and be the person that spreads love, however, you must define if this person is the person you are expecting to do the same for you. What does that look like for you? Or are you ok with the one-sided relationship?

I am challenging you all to define your personal and business relationships. Review your investment and your benefits. Sometimes we need to remember that time is money and if this relationship serves no purpose, then you may need to reduce the time spent on it or even eliminate it overall.

How are you going to start 2018?

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