Don’t Worry, HA!

One step at a time is much easier said than done. Especially when you have responsibilities. You may have other people you need or have to take care of kids, parents, other loved ones, etc. You need to take your time and put things together one step at a time, however, needs never wait. When you need you usually need immediately. You need food to feed your kids, but you have to wait until payday because you paid all the bills. What do you do to fix the hunger now? You need to have somewhere for your children to sleep at night, but that can’t wait until a month after you start work or a couple of months after you clean up your credit. Where do you sleep tonight? That need is now and doesn’t wait for time.

Many try to encourage you not to worry, this is great and much appreciated. However, what homeless person doesn’t worry, what person that has lost everything doesn’t worry. What person that has minimal ways to get back and forth to a job in order to make things better, doesn’t worry. No one!

Rather than telling your friend not to worry. Support their businesses, their skills, their ideas.  Send them clients, make referrals, help them put money in their pocket to make progress. Introduce them to someone that may be able to help expand their current efforts. This is what friends do. Offer options, recommend them for positions at your place of business, if you truly believe in them. Talk them up, help them expand their platform by word of mouth. Encourage them by telling someone else about the great things they do to help others. Please, please, please don’t tell your friend not to worry. If you haven’t done any of these things, you’re just as bad as the situation and you’re not making anything better.

Depression is not cured by telling someone to not be depressed. It is fixed by keeping someone from falling into the lul. Keeping their spirits up and there mind busy from worrying. A dormant mind breeds deep thoughts, in which a lot of worry and depression is birthed. Ask your depressed or worried friend to get out of the house with you. Ask them to go on a walk, ask them to go shopping with you. Get them out of routine and there mind out of worry.

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