My First Blog – Forgiveness


I’m Brooke and I decided to start a blog to reflect on many of the daily challenges single moms conquer on  a daily basis. Romans 8:37 reads, “Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us.” Remember daily when things get thick and you are unable to see an end that you can do it! My blog will often be religious based. I love people and believe we all need to love people and each other to make progress in the world today. I teach my children to love others even those that have not loved them. I constantly challenge them to look at the big picture in all situations. I have two sons, one entering kindergarten and one entering high school. I am very proud of my freshman as he makes me proud by the mature choices he makes. Him and I recently read a article about a young lady who did not have her father in her life the same way he doesn’t. The young ladies father started to be a great father to her half sister that he lived with and instead of this young lady being upset and mad, she was happy that at least her sister had a good dad. After reading this article my son was very happy and stated he is happy for his little brother as well. He told me that I often worry and I don’t have to because he has had excellent examples himself and although they may not be his father, he is grateful. My son helped me forgive and move on, our children have such a different perspective in life, we have to take a moment and stop worrying to reflect on the good.  Single moms we are often upset and disgruntled that our children may not have their father in their life or the father may not spend as much time as we or the children would like. I challenge you all to remember today that everything happens for a reason, Eccl 3: 1-15. You and your children are more than conquerors and will conquer the world with a little bit of faith. Remember, “Hate is too great a burden to bear. It injures the hater more than it injures the hated”
a quote from Coretta Scott King. We must rise above our daily challenges and forgive! Who are you going to forgive today?

Please comment below and let me know, who you are going to forgive and how.


King James transalation of the Bible                                        

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