Can do attitude

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The can do attitude is a constant triumph of changing the negative to the positive. Every morning you have a choice of how your day will go. Using your ability to decide how you are going to react to each situation is vital. I want you to take a moment and think of the one thing you are procrastinating on working on. Have you done every single thing you can do to work towards this project? I hope your not listing the reasons why you can’t do it. That can be detrimental to success. That action builds bricks to a wall you are creating to block yourself. Every time I find myself in a negative situation, I find the good in the situation. Remember everything happens for a reason. Yes, that is one of my favorite sayings. Recently, I was in a car accident, a hit and run. At the time I was driving a 99 Honda Accord, that accident left the trunk pushed in. I was driving this car back and forth from NC to NJ and was unable to do so anymore with the damage. This horrible situation which occurred during another horrible situation had me truly down. It took about four months for me to make this situation into a good one. I realized I was able to afford a new car that I was not interested in buying at all. We really did need a newer car traveling nine hours home at least twice a year. I would have kept on driving that old car if it wasn’t for that bad situation. I didn’t receive any money from the accident or anything because of my minimal coverage. When I realized I really needed to bite the bullet and buy the car. I realized this accident helped place me in this mind set. Without it I would have still been content with the 99 Accord. We have to remember things shift to cause discomfort to push you to a new level, a new place, a new mindset. Realize that discomfort is pushing you to a new level and make the leap of faith. Adopt that Can Do Attitude! Where there is a will there is a way!


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