Running out of time….


The world we live in demands something from us almost every moment of the day. Many of us start with a FT job that takes 40 hours plus each week away from our ‘time’. Then if you have children they have extra curricular activities, more time away from home to run around. When do we spend family time? Is Sunday the only day? Even Sunday’s are filled with plans and errands to complete in preparation of the upcoming week. However? How do you make time for the family outside of your home that you don’t see everyday? You make time. This is key in all relationships, whether family or friend. I had a conversation last night with someone who told me they haven’t been home to see there parents in over two years and the death of a close friend made them realize the priority.  We hear every day that tomorrow isn’t promised. Do we treat each day in such a manner? No we don’t, we start the should have, would have, could have blues. Which is not healthy, because the past is unchangeable. I like to start off my day by asking myself three questions.

  1. Who are you? “In order to reach what you want, you must be who you want”
  2. What are you doing today to make tomorrow better?
  3. Have you loved on your loved ones?

This regimen is so important because it refocuses my mind daily to steer it towards progress and success. How do you make time for people that are more important than money?

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