When Single turns to Lonely…

Single n Lonely

As we grow wiser, we tend to crave companionship. How bad do you really want that companionship? How much are you willing to sacrifice? Don’t look at others and despise there relationship’s for you don’t know there sacrifice. Each relationship requires different sacrifice and a different commitment. Do you truly regret leaving any of your relationships? There was a sacrifice or commitment that someone was not willing to make in that relationship. If you do, have you tried to get it back? If he/she is not with someone then you need to try. If you have then its over and its time to move on. What are you accomplishing by dwelling in the past? I have been there before. Have you prayed? Have you submitted to his will?

My relocation has caused this feeling in more ways than one, not only relationships but in forming friendships. The old saying when families move is the kids will make new friends. What about the adults? Especially when they are single. In addition I have finally realized, I am definitely not the only one in that boat. Many have turned to online dating which gives us a broader scope of people to reach, instead of those you run into during your daily routine. Many join sports leagues and professional groups in search of ‘the one’. Some go to church, I will leave that one right there. Anyway we all choose various lanes or multiple lanes to look for the one. Some come up lucky and some don’t. Well we are currently in a process. A process that has no time limit, although we have one in our minds.

I’ve learned that location and environment matters. If you find yourself in a location or environment that makes you feel uneasy. Stop first and ask yourself why. If you can’t change the mindset or mood. Remove yourself nobody wants to be around someone weepy anyway. If the environment is taking up your space remove the party. No need to depress yourself. Find things you that make you happy and help you enjoy life. We don’t need a partner to enjoy life. The partner will find us while we are enjoying it, let’s hope that we aren’t enjoying it too much not to notice!




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