Physical Strength comes from committed weight training. Where does mental strength come from? Mind Training. We must train our minds to ignore the constant negative energy it hears daily. Negative energy comes from everywhere the radio, tv, business, family and friends. What is the first thing on the news? Murders, large tragedies, negative politics, etc. Do your conversations involve complaining or strategies? Change the conversation!
The businesses I admire address things that may become a problem prior to the issue even occurring. They are proactive in constantly sharpening the process. When your taking a picture and your focusing the lens it goes from blurry to sharp. Do you like blurry pictures? I absolutely don’t and you probably agree. Why don’t we actively sharpen our minds? I told a friend this morning, “I would be embarrassed if I told her how many times a day I refocus my mind.” Our minds float always. What is your mind floating to? Think about it for a moment and then stop, give it a few more minutes(less than 5) and refocus to the task at hand. If your mind is shifting to negative energy, this is your chance! Change that worry into a goal or a positive memory, think about your challenge to correct or what positive thing came out of that negative event. How do you think Sally ‘Do It All’ does it? I bet you she refocuses constantly.
When I find myself focusing on the wrong thing, one of the things I like to do is write a list. I start writing list of all the things I need to do in general or towards one goal. If the list is already written reflect on it to see what can be completed. List will usually put you in a mindset of productivity. Keeping your mind productive challenges it, strengthens it, sharpens it.
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