Quality or Quantity

What is your definition of success? Is the question that was asked that sparked this blog. Have you ever asked yourself this? I have and it lead to recent string of changes. I believe many of us go in to life believing that success is based on money. Being a financial consultant, I see the spending habits of many people on different levels of income. Guess what? Most of us are living check to check regardless of what we make.

Do you value the quantity of what is in your pocket or do you value your quality of life? What is more important to you? The definition of success is the achievement of something desired, planed or attempted. What do you desire, what have you planned or attempted? If you have failed at something this is your First Action In Learning, not the end, so try again. Many people that have had tremendous success did not achieve it on the first try nor their tenth try.  My favorite fail acronym, puts it all into perspective, Flawlessly Ascending In Life. How can you ascend without failure, mistakes, bumps in the road, life’s lessons?

Your success is based on your perspective not the perspective of others. Does your family or the money matter more to you? My reasoning was always that I make the money for my family. I’m here at this job for 12 hours for my children. I’m seeking more responsibility at work, to gain a promotion, for more money for my family. If you find yourself questioning your life, you may want to ask yourself this question and get your life boat steering in the right direction. What makes you happy?

Wishing you all lots of success and hopefully this blog has given you a moment of reflection that shows you the many ways you have already been successful!

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