Patience is a Virtue

Patience is a virtue is much deeper than the surface value we often give this statement. Patience is a skill, that you can teach your self to have and that many of us consistently try to have.  The definition of patience is the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.  Patience is a desired trait that can assist you in reaching your full potential.  Patience is a mastery skill that all should learn to master as you truly never know what to expect each day. The definition of Virtue is behavior showing high moral standards. This definition shows why it is such a virtue, this a higher level of standards that you have implemented in your life. A high degree of standard that does not allow you stoop to the level of others, to get a point across. This standard is expressed in all you do. Are you virtuous in all you do? Do you hold your self to this high moral standard daily?   I believe many of us want to be virtuous always and may be virtuous most of the time, but not always. Another needed trait on the road to being virtuous is perseverance. In order to remain patient and virtuous, perseverance is needed.

Perseverance will help you complete things and push to the next level. Perseverance keeps you on task and steers your mind the direction it should be going. The definition of perseverance is steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.  Many of us start with intent to preserver through a project.  We start of working relentlessly, then we don’t get the results we expect. The first time if your truly committed it doesn’t stop you, you keep going, then you don’t get the results you expect twice. Uh oh, this is where we slow down. Doubt starts to seep into  our minds, we start to wonder why are we doing this.  When this happens, have you ever asked yourself what is another way?  How many plans do you have? Do you have plans A and B? Or do you have plans A-Z? Perseverance helps us get thru this rut. It challenges our minds to stop looking at the delay and look at the other 24 ways we have to accomplish this task. Have you ever felt so defeated and when you got over it you moved onto the next plan and that was the one that worked. It so often we almost get to the finish line, to become weary. Do you run? Have you ever ran or walked a marathon? What was the hardest part? The end, right! Yes!! I know, me too! That last lap or that last .5 mile.

I challenge you today to look at the finish line when you become weary, take a piece of paper and write down all you have accomplished towards this goal. Now ask yourself, how close to the finish line are you? And is all of your hard work and successes worth you dropping them on the ground and walking away? I hope not, lets get up dust our selves off and reach the goal!



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