The Gold

Finding the Gold

Many motivational speakers speak about being optimistic and not letting people get you down. However, I know that this is much easier said than done. Today I want to give  you a few steps to finding the gold in every instance in your life.

When should you find the gold?

    You should find the gold, whenever you are uneasy or unhappy about something. Once you realize this thing or event is bothering you it’s time to make an assessment. You are making this assessment because we don’t want this thing to bother us any longer than it should. Often worries can slow your progress down or temporarily detour you. So to avoid the detour or the slow down, let’s find the gold!

If you had $1000 and someone took $10. How much do you have? $990. Are you going to chase that person who took the $10? If not then why do we spend more than 10 minutes on losses. I challenge you to take no more than 10 minutes on losses, no matter what it is.




Where do you find the gold?

    You already posses the gold it’s inside of you. You own it. Your personality is gold as you are unique in your own way. Your patience and endurance is gold as you have made it thru many trials and tribulations. Your mind is gold as although we tend to sometimes get off track it steers you back to your main focus.

Take a moment and write down five things that make you, you. Then write down five more things you have that money can’t buy. Then three more things you have that money has brought. You are a pretty wealthy person, huh. You are rich in gold and always have been!



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