No Crutches


Have you ever had to use crutches? I bet you are on them right now and you may not even know.  I’ve been told that they are very difficult to use and are actually harder to walk with and complete things. Many would rather hobble around than use the crutches.  Now those who have been instructed to use crutches usually have broken their leg or damaged their leg in such a way that they shouldn’t or can’t walk on it. Crutch is the wooden object we use however, the word means a thing used for support or reassurance. What things do you use for support or reassurance? What are your crutches? Crutches are usually good they help you fulfill a need in your life. I coupon, crutch, helps me keep food cost down in my own. It’s absolutely awesome and I may be a little obsessed.

I’ve worked multiple jobs since I was 18. My motto was to maintain a regular stream of income and an irregular stream of income. The irregular stream is usually related to something I truly enjoy doing. That stream required more work, dedication, and consistency on my part. My continuous perseverance will one day push me to where I want to be. While networking I met someone who showed me a video about removing fear. The video spoke about removing fear from your life to move forward.  I put this video in to my regimen to remove fear from my life. Many times what is between us and where we are going is fear. That fear becomes a crutch, that rules your time and limits your resources and options. This crutch is satisfying a need, but also limiting you at the same time. I recently decided that I needed to stop and really focus on specific items.  I was nervous as I didn’t want to leave my sense of security for uncertainty.  As I prepared for the change I still feared elimination of the regular stream of income. Even with having two other streams I still fear irregularity. Whatever it is that you are considering eliminating sit down with someone, itemize the full true loss vs gain. This will help you make your decision along with prayer and meditation.

Kicking the crutch gave me such a sense of freedom the same way it feels when you actually are able to walk without crutches again. I tried to replace my crutch and realized what I was doing before I fell back into the same pattern. Jump out of the hamster ball today and dare to be different! I encourage you to kick your crutch! Kicking my crutch took a lot of planning and preparation


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