Content w/ your Purpose

Are you content with your purpose? I believe we all have an established reason for being on this earth. Your purpose, your main agenda, your destiny to fulfill. I ask this question because ‘I’m single and lonely’. Make sure you check out my other blog! Great plug! I was able to remove the feeling of loneliness by working in my purpose. Anytime I start to feel the blues I see who I can help or how I can help myself.  This does two things it takes time away from your mind to dwell on the uncontrollable parts of your life. Then it gives your mind satisfaction for accomplishment of the task. Remove the thoughts and change the focus!

What is your purpose?

You can’t work in your purpose if you don’t know what it is. So you need to go find out what it is. I discovered my purpose through prayer, meditation and being observant. I noticed a pattern in my life, each time I felt happy or excited about life I was helping others find and use their hidden potential. Now, that is what I do for a living. It took me a while to make the career change but each moment has been fulfilling since I have made a conscious effort to work it into my daily life.

How can you fulfill your purpose with what you currently have?

Helping for me is not all about giving cash or things. Time, Caring, Love, Support are some of the ways I find fulfillment in helping. My satisfaction comes when I receive the news that a conversation helped or a story put things in perspective. Or even when I can take a moment and help with a physical task. Find ways that you can fulfill your purpose with the things you have and currently have access to. If you don’t have access, who does? Do you know someone you can as to help? There will be times that you will need to refer the task to someone else, however you still helped.

The feeling after working in your purpose, is delightful. You will feel sometimes almost on cloud 9. You may have done or shown something, the person didn’t see has possible and it was. You may have made them realize it was possible and guided them through it. Both of these scenarios are just important as you may never know what s truly needed. Just to be a friend that someone can lean on in stressful times. Support is the most important thing in your time of singleness and as you give support you will also need support.

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