What is your status?

Many applications, forms, etc. have an area to enter you marital status.Single, married, divorced, widowed.  Single!!!…. tends to be an awesome thing to people tired of their relationship. Single!!!!.. can also be dreary to those who are tired of being single.  What about Single and Parenting?

There are many people men and women that fall into this category. They either make friends with others in the same boat as them or they often feel left out. How you became single and parenting, quite frankly, is no one’s business. People in this category could have landed here from many situations. I along with many others men and women are often judged wherever we are, work, school, church, etc. We date timidly, knowing we don’t want our children interacting with just anyone. We tend to work extra hard because we are avoiding judgement. Who is anyone to judge you or belittle you?

How do we recognize this growing status? Its not going away it has always been around, it is just not hidden anymore. When dating its part of the fine print, “please be aware this man/woman has children that he/she is raising on there own.” Its a disclaimer. Many read the disclaimer when they are considering purchasing a product. Most are expecting negative connotations about this product when they review the disclaimer. Would we all like to be married? Maybe. Would we all like to raise our children with there father? Probably, dependent on the situation. Are we all looking for help? NO! How about a partner, someone to ask how your day was, someone to tell you its going to be okay. Someone to just love and support us.

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