24 hrs…

What matters now?

Today my first thoughts were this is only a part of the journey. You will and probably have heard me repeat over and over again, everything happens for a reason and it certainly does. When someone turns their back on you there is a reason. This reason doesn’t always necessarily have to do with you either. We are all struggling with things that the surface cannot see. Our friends and family only know of our struggles if we disclose the issue to them. 

I watched a movie last night that challenged you to do what you would do if you only had 90 minutes to live, Who would you call? Who would you want to spend your time with? So often we take life and time for granted we say that we have time to get back to that but do we? How do you know? You don’t?

This thought caused me to make a decision that too much time has been wasted chasing something or a person. There has to be small triumphs during the challenge. For instance when you play a video game you level up. It takes time to win the game but you have small successes by reaching the next level. Same thing with work as well. You move up from position to position. What do you do when you are not leveling up? Do you restrategize or reinvent your approach? Do we waste more time or move on? I personally, move on. I would tell that person that I loved them one last time, but I wouldn’t want a response. I would even probably block the response, honestly. Not saying that action is right, by far. When you think of not having much time left. What decisions change? Do you chase that person or thing for the last 24 hours or do you send love and move on? If that thing or person you are pursuing, is not gaining any ground, reinvent your approach, try again. If still no success remove it from your life. If something else pops up that must be done, focus on that and don’t let it go. Strive hard and don’t miss your level ups, this is your confirmation your on the right path.  If it is a relationship or friendship that needs to be fixed, try to mend it, however time is not guaranteed. Work on it, now!

YOLO…. that’s the saying right? You Only Live Once…


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