Moms are Special

For the Moms

Moms, thank you for your unseen sacrifices and your sleepless nights. Thank you for your undying desire to protect your child at all times, even from the bugs you don’t like! Moms thank you for pushing to your goals to create positive examples and then pushing even harder after that goal is reached. Moms thank you for swallowing your pride. Moms thank you for holding your tongue for your baby’s sake. Moms thank you for sacrificing your life to make sure the lives of your children are fulfilled. Moms thank you for remaining sane in insane moments. Moms thank you for not dwelling on not receiving accolades for every moment of the day you sacrifice yourself for someone else. Moms thank you for putting yourselves on the back burner socially, mentally, and sometimes physically, because your child is more important. Moms thank you for your continuous efforts unnoticed and unseen and sometimes taken for granted. Moms thank you for being strong when the word tries to tear you down.

Moms you are super, you are amazing, you wear a special magical cape daily! Rock your cape this weekend and always as you multitask millions of items and still make the job look easy! Moms hope you all enjoy your weekend and stay mighty!!!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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