What is strong woman?

If we are not talking about physical strength of any sort, strength is a perception. A perception that she never breaks. A perception that she never needs anyone. A perception that she has no feelings. A perception that she doesn’t love hard. A perception that she is not meek and humble. You know who supports these strong woman when they need it there strong girl friends and family, if they have any.

I believe every woman and every household needs a counterpart. This counterpart creates balance this helps the adult of the house have someone they can discuss everything with in detail, because they are not holding the weight on their own. This counterpart can make sure you come home at night after working a long shift and got home to the kids safely. Do you know how important that is? Just a phone call to make sure you got home after working late, because I wouldn’t want your kids looking for their mother. A strong woman is patient, kind, willing to learn, willing to teach, not demeaning, respectful. Her ability not to cry in public, doesn’t make her strong, it may really makes her weak.

Please stop complimenting a woman’s strength or what she does with her children on a regular basis. These are called standards.To let us know you recognize it, is excellent, however this that we do is a standard we have created in our lives. It takes a little more effort to consistently reach that standard. Guys have you ever thought maybe this woman just needs help, or support, that’s it. Someone to make a plan with them, someone to make sure the plan is executed properly. Someone to call and say I just want to make sure you made it home. This is what most strong, independent women are looking for. Support, love, respect along with someone they can respect as well.  Now some will straight up tell you they are looking for money. Listen to what everyone tells you. Words are windows to the heart. Most women and I’m not speaking for all are doing what has to be done because there is no choice in the matter. If we let the floor fall below us, who do we go to, where do we take our children, who do we depend on. Nobody, no one, no where.  The answer for most of us is no where the streets, so we make a mature decision every morning to make sure we provide for our families come hell or high water. We don’t complain in the midst, because it just slows us down. We remain positive because it makes the days and the work go by faster. We rather be joyous in our efforts than sorrowful in our doubt. So are we really strong or is our back just up against the wall with nowhere to go.

What is your definition of a strong woman? Recognize the strong woman you admire in the comments!


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