Happy New Year

What does this mean? Many of us wish each other a Happy New Year on January 1st every year. We build this awesome momentum to start the year on the “good” foot. Gym membership is at its highest every year. Savings clubs are booming and folks are eating the healthiest after finishing the year eating the worst. Is this a cycle you want to be apart of? Or do you want to make your change permanent? I recently saw this post on Instagram. I want to challenge all of my readers to stick to it just 90 days, make a lifestyle change.

21-90 rule

In 2018 I’m committing to writing more, I plan to publish blogs 3 times a week Mon, Wed, and Friday. On Saturdays, I will be looking for your feedback, I need you all to talk to me too! It keeps my energy up. How do you keep yourself energetic towards your goal? This is one of the questions I want you to answer over the next 90 days of creating your lifestyle change. I will also start my second book, this one will be more of my personal story, I plan to include how I overcome challenges on a daily basis and stories of how I pushed forward despite any circumstances. One of my routines, is I write in the mornings to clear my mind and start my day with a positive mindset. I’m committing myself to writing every morning whether I feel like it or not. Some people workout in the morning, some meditate, some pray. I challenge you to find what suits you, however, make it a lifestyle change, and start today. Also commit to this routine for 90 days so it becomes a part of you, something that you can’t do without every morning. Cheers to positive and progressive days ahead! I also commit to reaching out to my readers, I want to hear from you, I want to know your challenges, I want to answer your questions. I want to help you as much as you help me. Yes, you help me, you really do! I’m committed to giving you content that helps you, challenges you, and pushes you to higher heights.  I want to know how can I help you. You matter to me!

Last but not least you accomplished a lot last year and you must celebrate your achievements. Whether it was starting a new venture or starting school, or starting towards the path of homeownership or fixing your credit, or adding an extra income. You did it, you started towards something amazing. Let’s look forward to continuing working towards that thing you started and completing it.  I finished my first full year of my transportation business being open, I learned a lot and have new knowledge to apply to the continuation of that business. I completed my first year of completely working for myself, without a regular 9-5, I started this venture in Aug 2016, by no means has it been a walk in the park, however, I did it and I have so many more steps to take. I finally published my book, “Level-Up, The Guide” and started enrollment for the Level- Up Academy, I plan to help 20 business owners start their businesses this year. Many of my achievements were just the start in 2017 and I have much more to do in 2018 and beyond.

Let’s make these lifestyle changes in 2018 together and let’s commit to 90 days to reach the 365 days of new routines, new commitments, new successes and new goals.

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