As I dwell in this time of strife and continue to hold on, I carefully assess relationships. This includes business, personal, and affiliations. Times of strife has always been a time for me to check myself and those that I allow into my mind and heart. These relationships aren’t always good for you. They may also be only for a season, in which that season may have expired. Evaluation is critical if you plan to move things along in life. Sometimes we are so busy moving forward, or working on moving forward, we continue our routine of maintaining these relationships. When in reality, we may be giving the relationships not enough or too much attention. Thus the reason evaluation is so critical.

               The first step of evaluation starts with self and although we are evaluating relationships, we are analyzing our own steps in these relationships. Remember you are not here to change anyone else only yourself–only the way you react to situations that present themselves. This step is so critical as it will allow you to also evaluate the things you allow into your heart. Everything isn’t meant to be there. You can help and love people from a distance, without becoming emotionally involved.

              The second step in evaluation is finding a method to fix the issue. This method should feel good. It should make you feel like this issue is over, it’s in the past, and you’re leaving it there. You should be able to learn, grow, and move on. Learning is important during this step because every life lesson you don’t learn you may have to endure again.

             The third and final step is application and sticking to your solution. Make your solution a new way of life, make it something that will not only move you pass the last issue but make things easier in the future. Many people have decided to adopt a positive mindset. That not only is a quick fix but it’s a long-term fix that attracts positivity into your life. Be aware of the things you do, be aware of the vibes you give out, and be aware of the way you treat others. All of these things help align your path.

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