The Cycle

We tend to set a criteria of what we desire and then we subconsciously look for just that. We steer ourselves in the direction to obtain those qualities. We find them on our own, they are not good enough, or not at least what we expected. We become saddened by our choice not satisfying our hearts desire. When we follow the path to our goal and become so focused on that goal. The blessing tends to find you, it comes in the most unassuming package. It delights us with that thing that we have been in search of. Human nature kicks in, we want to wallow in delight, instead of continuing to focus on the end goal. Don’t get stuck in the celebration.  We have to remember to keep our eyes on our goal and enjoy the moments along the way. Celebrate the blessing however remain focused. This is only a step in the right direction and not the end point. I want to encourage you as I encourage myself, celebrate the blessing and then use that celebration to continue to propel yourself forward. Much lock in your aspirations.

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