The Taste

The taste!


You never know what you’re missing until you have had another taste. I’ve been so lost and I got the taste. I found it! It taste like sweet poison. A compliment, a joke, a simple hey, can rejuvenate a human more than most even know. Someone showing you love when no one other than your children truly have in so long.  Someone to put a smile on your face. Time alone is great, however it comes with huge sacrifices. The lack of human validation and consistent human love, builds character and strength.  As hard as it is to let someone into your space, your energy, your time, when you receive that energy it is hard to deny it. It is an ego booster which does boost us mentally, spiritually.

Poison, how does it taste? No the taste is not always poison, but it can become poison. It can distract you, because now you crave another taste. The quick fix wasn’t enough. That is what is great about celibacy once you have reduced the craving it is no longer a thought. Just don’t allow yourself to get a taste before it is time. That taste changes your thinking it reroutes your subconscious. Ladies, I know many of us who are single and 30+ very often crave a  taste. However, is that taste worth it, from the wrong person? What will you sacrifice if the taste is not right?

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