Don’t Quit

Ugh the enemy just keeps pushing. Is this how you feel? Me too!  Pushing on you, pushing on your children, pushing in work, pushing in business, just pushing through your whole life. How annoying and inconvenient the recent events have been in our lives? We feel like we are failing at life, parenting or something else we are consistently working on. I am right there with you, on the ground, fighting the battle along side you. Keep pushing! Are things just so messed up you don’t see an end? Or can’t fathom the solution? You have identified room for a miracle! These are the times when God does his best work. Do you remember the last time things were going this way? How did it end?

Get ready for a celebration! Celebrate through this season as you are coming closer to your victory. For every time you continued to get hit while getting back up, is just showing you that when you finally stand things are going to start  bouncing off of you.  Remember the closer you get, the harder it gets, the more you close into the finish line, the more hurdles begin to come. This is not a sign to stop this is a sign to accelerate. Runners speed up as they get closer to the finish. I recently watched a video of 2 women who thought they had won the race so they slowed down. Yet they hadn’t crossed the finish line. Another woman came from behind them full speed, passed them and won the race. I don’t like to use races as examples, because we are not in competition with each other, we need to support each other. The better your circle is doing the better you will do. However, the moral of this story is to accelerate towards the end. Don’t stop an go another direction. Don’t say not now. Go faster, go harder, push consistently. Get ready to Win!

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