In the Pursuit of Happiness….

I recently had the pleasure of reading an article in reference to online minister’s vs indoctrinated pastors. I also visited a church this morning and the message was “Where do you stand?” This is resonating with me because it questions your foundation and principles in both messages. Not only does it shine a light on your why but your purpose as well.

My why is my immediate family, my children and my mom, although she is not in my household. They are why I work as hard a I do. They are why I start to work from 3am to 6pm. Sometimes later. They are why I work nights and weekends. They are why I am in a relentless pursuit to improve daily. Not only do I want to show my children success I want to show them hard work. I also must take care of them and provide them a home life to my standards. I am so proud of my oldest child because he has saw my progress and has seen hard work and works hard himself. Life is full of peaks and valleys. The best times are usually during the climb. Think about the peek the moment that you remember the most is when you arrived. The moment you reached that point. After that, things tend to become a blur until you get all the way close to the bottom of the mountain. Now you remember the pain, because you realized you are almost at rock bottom and you have to climb that mountain again. However, remember this the best times are during the climb. Every time you reach another ledge, it’s only a quick moment to re-energize and start again.

My purpose is why I chose the jobs or services that make my money. I have learned that I gain satisfaction from helping people. Being able to give people a boost into their future. I love accounting and I have assisted many business owners in setting up their businesses. Since I enjoy and love seeing successful businesses started from my advice, so I wrote a book. What fulfills you? I also have a business with children because I love teaching and helping students gain an understanding of school work. What makes you truly happy? What would you do even if you didn’t get paid for it? Pursue it!

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