I pulled out the raft,there was a whole in it, so it deflated.

I have felt like the biggest failure lately. I continue to try to strive as things continue to crash down around me. I saw the storm slowly approaching my family and I started to plan. In my efforts of going into survival mode, I did what any person who wants to whether the storm would do and that was prepare. So we began to gather things, that we may need during this difficult time. I pulled out the raft,there was a whole in it, so it deflated. I collected water in bags and tubs, and purchased water for the rough times. We were ready! However, all of the water spilled out. I created and purchased sandbags so the water wouldn’t rush my home. Unfortunately when the storm came, the rain washed the sand bags away and the flood waters began to come in. We collected food to eat for the times we would be without the usual. Not only did the food spoil and a swarm of bugs ate the food that wouldn’t spoil. With storms beating down on our home and flood waters rising we found shelter in the corner of our home. With a huge strike of lightning, the walls began to shake and eventually began to come down. We were left with us, and only us. Our family, me and my boys. We survived, even though our assets and possessions were all gone.

We walked in the rain as we looked for help and direction. We prayed as we looked for shelter. Some came to help and left us in worse conditions than when we begun. Some watched from a distance and knew that the storm would soon be over. Many ran and closed their doors and made the fight a little harder. I understood each hurdle, I understood each trial that was added on top of the ones we already faced. I understood each circumstance and knew there was a much bigger picture to see. However, trying to explain circumstances to a rambunctious six year old, was much more difficult than the trial itself. Explaining each and every transition, answering each question became more of a difficult task. While flood waters took over our home and all things we knew disappeared. I had to also answer the questions of why. As we were continuously turned down and overlooked for each opportunity sought, faith dwindled. I’ve wanted to ask myself, why, but I really don’t have the time to do so. I had to make the best of each itty bitty victory and press on. I had to celebrate each time we saw a little more faith.

What is your next plan if the first one fails?

I taught my boys to do the same. I taught them that with each small victory we were leading to a much larger one. Have you ever weathered the storm? What did you do to overcome it? Have you told your story of trial and triumph? We are in the season of weathering storms as Hurricane season is upon us and is generally over by mid October. How do you get thru? How have you planned to get thru? What are you actions for the aftermath? We have only a limited time to weather storm, in which we will succeed!  What is your plan? What is your next plan if the first one fails? My plan at this point is to continue to pray and ask for guidance, because many of my plans lately have failed. I can only place it all in the creator’s hands.

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